...lufta fillon me kuptimin e shkaqeve të krizave dhe ajo vazhdon me ndryshimin e mendësisë dhe praktikës...

The grand strategy of Putin against the west

Before the war in Ukraine I realized the following study not only to show who were the real culprits but also to predict its future


21/10/2023 - 07:51

Abstract: This article is the second part of a study on superpowers which examines recent events in relation to Washington’s aim towards Russia ―to contain it― and Russia`s aims towards the US and Nato. It shows chronologically recent events, the grand strategy of Vladimir Putin, for which Washington has no clue, and the fact that Putin, before considering to use Russia`s military power, has on his hands “plenty” of “diplomatic weapons” in order to realize his aims: to sit down as equal powers with the US and negotiate their mutual concerns. It shows, moreover, in details, the effects of Washington`s and Brussel’s sanctions on Russia: for the latter not so “severe” as Washington believes and claims while for Europe they will be catastrophic and might empower more European right-wing parties which fight for sovereignty and against neoliberal globalization―in effect, against the US since it is the main power which administers the mentioned “globalization”. Sanctions on Russia, in other words, will be a “boomerang” for both Europe and the US. Finally, it shows US`s propaganda and Russia`s counter-tactics to oppose it. It`s been shown that some western commentators support the use of “false flag” operations and others support the preparation for war against both Russia and China.

Strategjia e madhe e Putinit kundrejt perëndimit (The grand strategy of Putin towards the west)             

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