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Greek`s geostrategy for the secession of southern Albania, the suppression of the rights of Albanians in Greece and the deception of our political class

Part of a broader study on the relationship of the Greek and Albanian people from antiquity to modernity

Ylli Përmeti

18/05/2024 - 12:53

Abstract: This study in the first part shows the unresolved issues between Albania and Greece; the progress of the Greek goals in Albania in the last thirty years or so and Athens` geostrategy to secede the south of Albania and oversee the Aegean, the Ionian and the Adriatic; in the second part, it shows how the Albanian people were deceived by the political and academic but also the media elite regarding Greece`s geostrategy during the first ten years of the "Rama" governments, while the deception continues with Rama after his last visit to Athens; it shows the reasons why the Greek people believe that the south of Albania is Greek land and the conditions in which Albanian people (or workers) live in Greece; it shows, moreover, the systemic causes of how Greece uses the historical ―neoliberal― conjuncture to advance its long-standing goal: the expansion of its regional hegemony; and finally, shows the way how we could stop that effort. 

Indicative is the conclusion of a paper realized by Martin Baldwin-Edwards, former director for Mediterranean Migration Observatory, on the conditions on which Albanian people live in Greece, published about 20 years ago: 

Greek policy on immigrants contains an exclusionary ideology as regards all others than ethnic Greeks. The various legislation initiatives have been implemented by untrained officials with explicitly nationalist and xenophobic mentality and, reportedly, in abusive circumstances. The entire legal framework for immigration, of entry (in an overseas consulate), of legal work and stay (fromerly with OAED and now with local government) and of legal residence (formely the Ministry of Public Order and now the Ministry of Interior), is fundamentally hostile to immigrants and beset by corruption. There is continuous history of systematic corruption and abuse by Greek state officials, in consulates, ministries, the police, and other agencies – this also includes the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women by state officials. It seems that the European Commission has made no effort to pressure Greece into reform: only the heavy-handed humiliations dealt nu the US government have yielded any positive results in anti-trafficking measures. However, the xenophobic immigration measures look set to remain or, even, worsen.

Albanian emigration and the Greek labour market: Economic symbiosis and social ambiguity, Martin Baldwin-Edwards, South East Europe Review, For Labour and Scocial Affairs, 2004.

Twenty years later, the European Commission is still seeking from Greece to “comply following the country`s failure to incorporate EU Directive 2019/1152 on transparent and predictable working conditions into national law”.

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