...lufta fillon me kuptimin e shkaqeve të krizave dhe ajo vazhdon me ndryshimin e mendësisë dhe praktikës...

The occupation of Gaza by Israel and the calamitous consequences for the Middle East and the world

The study has been written in Albanian and the author is open to discuss it with international newspapers and audiences

Ylli Përmeti

16/10/2023 - 13:33

Abstract: The following study attempts to show the character of the war of Hamas and other regional powers in the Middle East against Israel and the character of statements and actions of western elites led by Washington. It shows that the character of the war of Hamas is unjust in the sense of tactics it uses and just in the sense of the right it has to fight against the aggression of another state while the war of Israel is just in the sense of the right to protect itself but unjust both in relation to its unjust policies and military actions. The study shows, also, that statements of western elites in relation to the war are unjust and have a boomerang effect, both at the social and economic and international relations level. It shows, in the end, that the war of Israel against Hamas will cause not only a regional war but world war―in the sense of Russia`s and Chinese’s attempts to isolate Israel and the USA. 

The study is the result of more than 15 years work on geopolitics...

Pushtimi i Gazës nga Izraeli dhe pasojat gjëmëzeza për Lindjen e Mesme dhe botën   

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