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Denunciation upon denunciation: why declassifying the “order” of Berisha to “kill me” failed?

All probabilities are Rama has prevented the declassification of the order of Berisha to kill me for one simple reason: to hide his real face

Ylli Përmeti

03/05/2024 - 18:35

Based on the Law ‘For the Approval of the Regulation on Declassification and Devaluation of Classified “State Secret” Information’, I made my request to the KDZH, the institution responsible for the relevant decisions, to “declassify Berisha's order” when he was prime minister (2012), “to kill me”, at the beginning of March, 2024, and as a result, on March 5, the employee of the institution in question explained me the details of the relevant law and I replied that I wanted a “complete” declassification and not a “partial” one.

Since that day, the relevant employee has not informed me of any decision of the KDZH. The law provides for a decision-making time framework of “20 calendar days” starting “from the date it receives information from the representative of the institution” but it is related to the KDZH and the institution from which the “classified, state secret” information came. In my case, from the primeministership of Berisha`s time. As such, the law is not quite clear, as it does not include “any interested person or citizen”.

However, taken it as it is, the KDZH should have informed the Prime Minister headed by Rama. But until now - almost two months later - she has not informed me of any decision. It is not difficult to think that the KDZH may have been prevented by Rama to declassify Berisha`s order.

The news, however, from my interaction with the KDZH employee, is that Berisha`s order has been classified - the existence of which was disclosed to me at the time by the intelligence services, but because it was classified as a “state secret” and the law does not allow its declassification within ten years (Article 7, Law No. 8457), I had not taken any legal action.

As such, after ten years I have the right to request its declassification and the relevant institution has a duty to implement the law (according to Article 30/8457) and to show to the world not only the character of the former prime minister (even through my case) but also to demand my right as a journalist and citizen: that I was not only censored at the time when I denounced Berisha`s attempt to kill me by all the press and media of the time, but since that time I continue to be censored.

His attempt, related to my duty as a journalist and political activist, but also the censorship that has been exerted on me for the last ten years or so, indeed, did not “defeat” me in my struggle to serve the truth and the people of my country and beyond, by creating an independent research center, but it has harmed me in its progress and of course in my family life. Therefore, I denounce the delay of the KDZH and I warn that I will take legal action against it if it does not communicate its decision to me in the following days.

The order was given by Berisha when Rama was in the opposition. At that time my critics (as a political commentator and political activist) were not concentrated in relation to Rama, because “our main evil” was Berisha, although I often did not spare criticism against Rama, particularly in relation to his unjust statements. Gradually my critics changed, because Rama was prime minister while Berisha became the opposition leader. But he and his party and media did not at the time denounce Berisha`s attempt to kill me. So the case went “silent”; that silence of Rama`s opposition and his media served as confirmation to me that he was not fighting for human rights (and free press) but for power.

Berisha is under custody. He`s being accused by our new institution of justice, SPAK, of favoring his sun-in-law in a property case. Because that case is related to other cases, he endangers to be accused for other cases also, particularly in relation to those of the Biden administration, while hoping to be released after Trump and other European political (right-wing) parties come to power.

Rama, also, is accused by the opposition for many cases and the country might be forced to be administered by a technocratic government in order to organize fair and free elections and help the justice system. Letting my case to be declassified would add “fire” to Berisha`s opposition against him. As such, he has every reason to “protect” Berisha (but himself also) from a new accusation; this time, much more flagrant than any other case.   

*This denunciation will be sent to the new institution of justice, SPAK, in order to take action, both in relation to the denouncer, Ylli Përmeti, the institution responsible for declassifying classified “information”, and Berisha and Rama. It will be sent, also, to the international press and international institutions concerned with human rights and freedom of press.   

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