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Is this really Atlantis?

Researcher claims to have found massive underwater structure near the Maltese coast

Ylli Përmeti

30/11/2018 - 08:30

I first encountered the myth of Atlantis at the time I was working for the Greek press. At first, I dismissed it as just another bogus myth and nothing more. Many stories of people looking for it were being published by different Greek as well as international news outlets all over the world, but my priorities as a journalist were to contribute to political philosophical studies, not history or archeology. However, in the process, I came across this little article written by an American magazine where a certain Greek-Albanian guy named Al Nika, living in New York City, was claiming to have located the fabled city in the vicinity of the Maltese island. I was so intrigued by his theory that I got into contact with him and started to investigate the claim. It was about 12 years ago and the details have begun to fade but I strictly remember that first impression. After we got acquainted we got down to an official interview. So I started a long discussion with him in order to understand what sets his theory apart from any other claim.
From the beginning I realized that he had two advantages over the other researchers: First of all, he was able to translate the original ancient Greek text of Plato, which is the only source of the story of Atlantis. Having a notion of the time of Plato it favors him to realize the time that the story is written. As a result, he has indicated many important mistranslations. Contemplating about it, namely, he distinguishes from the context of the time of Plato and of that of Atlantis. The second advantage is his expertise in computer science. With the latter, he facilitated his study on Atlantis by using various aerial images as well as multibeam echo-sounder scanned-imageries performed by various local Maltese geologists, that in itself helped him “locate” the actual site of the city of Atlantis.
After discussing the “facts” at hand, as a journalist having my doubts on them, I decided to write a long article on him on a major Albanian newspaper which was a big hit at the time. 12 years passed and I had almost forgotten when Al contacted me saying that he had located the actual citadel (fig.2) and going to Malta to report it to the Authorities. It was spontaneous; I decided to follow him on his journey. He wanted to make sure of his discoveries first and then registering the descovery with the Maltese Authorities after all.
Note: images found will be published soon. 
So we did travel to Malta and had a meeting with the authorities, in particular, the acting superintendent Dr. Nathaniel Cutajar. The procedure was very simple: Namely, to report it through an email (official submission). So we did. Presumably, they —as archeologists— will assess it (coordinates etc.) and will act accordingly. It is just a matter of time that the discovery could go public. At the moment we have to wait and see what is going to happen.
In conclusion, I believe that Mr. Nikas has made a groundbreaking archeological discovery and the world should take notice of it. Judging from the Maltese perspective this find is of major importance: for various reasons. At first, it will show the world that Atlantis is not a myth - in its negative sense. Secondly, it will bring into light the real origin of our civilization and finally, it will contribute –decisively- to the chapters of human history. From the perspective of human civilizations, it is a cornerstone: because it reached a high degree of development in the early years of human history. As such, it will shed more light to those old ages and will contribute to our understanding of our past.
One of the main ‘facts’ that impressed me during my visit in Malta was the figure (circles) of Atlantis in miniature. I saw it in many places. Judging from the reflections of the people – who lived at the time – it made the perfect connection with the story told by Plato. Another was the limestone which dominates the geological aspect of Malta: it can be worked and used for building temples very easy. However, the burden of the discovery remains at the hand of the Maltese authorities – now with enough information to show to the world that the massive underwater found at the Maltese coast is really Atlantis.
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